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- Apr. 24th 2014: Knuckles07 submits "Robotic Jungle" on Newgrounds.

- Since then: Only one song has been submitted: "Sunset Samurai"

- Aug. 25th 2016: A new beginning?

It is amazing how time flies in life. When major changes happen during your time on this Earth, you are faced with decisions that can effect you and others. Some good, some not so good. Jobs, relationships, outlook on life, etc. Those decisions can sometimes lead to leaving favorite hobbies behind. Making tunes was one of those things.

However, I plan to make a comeback with new songs soon. What happened to Knuckles07, you might ask?

Well, For starters, I am, thankfully, working at a better job than before when I first started. It is more hours so a lot of my time is spent there. Also, basketball has been a huge part of my life since I was little and most of my off days are spent playing and coaching youth leagues.

Life has been busy, but I am not done with music.

I had Writer's Block for a while and it was difficult to overcome. My search to find new melodies took me to uncharted territories for my musical taste, but it was not a bad thing. I plan to show that in new music that I will post on Newgrounds very soon.

Until then, take care everyone. Knuckles07 is back. 

Hey Everyone.

I know it has been a while since my last submission. I've been trying to obtain new and more powerful devices so I can start making more music. I just got a new laptop so I'm on my way. My last one was rapidly reaching its limit and it was time to upgrade. When I get the other main pieces in, then I'll make my next step. I'll try to make the wait worth while.

Until then, be easy Newgrounders...


New music coming soon...

2013-10-13 20:44:15 by Knuckles07

Hey NG.

It's been quite a while since I submitted a song. A lot of things have been going on with me as of late, but I am still working on new stuff. Just not as frequently as before. Just in case some of you were wondering, I'm still around. Haha.

I'm currently working on submitting some new tunes before October is over. Stay tune...


Well, I've put a few songs on NG now and this is my first post...

First, I'd like to thank all the Newgrounders for listening to my music. I'm understanding Famitracker better everytime I use it and the feedback I'm receiving is greatly appreciated.

Be on the lookout for more music coming soon. I'm really enjoy making songs and it's just a rewarding feeling when others like your work.

Not much else to say... So until next time, cya.